What is steroid?

Recent research has shown that teens are becoming more and more steroid users because they want to get to a more developed body figure as quickly as possible, and also the very often buy steroids online. But, apart from being illegal, many more dangers arise from steroids. So, to buy steroids and be safe – you should know some tricks and possible options. Check here all infromation about it.

What are steroids?

Steroids are hormones and there are many different types of it, but when steroids are taken along with exercise to develop the body more quickly, they are usually anabolic steroids. They act like a male hormone testosterone and help develop muscle tissue.

Why teenagers are taking steroids?

The most common are two reasons. First, because they think using steroids to get better results in sports. However, apart from the fact that steroids affect the increase in muscle mass, it has been shown that their long-term use reduces the mobility and reaction rate.

The second reason is media pressure. Today’s teens watch films and advertisements with men of perfectly shaped bodies, with tattoos on the stomach and developed chest. 30 or 40 years ago, most men did not have this kind of body, and today it is thought that everyone must have them, otherwise the man is not desirable.

What’s the biggest problem?

Many think only of short-term profit with the help of steroids, which is muscle mass. However, prolonged steroid use has not only negative, but devastating consequences for your body. Only some of them are: developing breasts, premature baldness, drastic mood swings, aggression, paranoia. Furthermore, research in the United States has shown that taking steroids destroys brain cells and favors the development of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Along with this, the most common organ is the liver. Steroids usually contain substances that are difficult to digest, so the organs, and primarily the liver, are very tense in order for the body to function.

Often it is talked about testosterone as male hormone and estrogen as a female hormone, so it can get the impression that taking hormones is actually something most normal. But the thing is that your body already produces enough hormones and any increased doses, and even if it’s a ‘just a small’ dose, it can cause devastating changes in your body.

What is true is that a beautiful body comes best only with persistent exercise, good nutrition and sufficient amount of sleep.

Immediately or later?

Although steroids affect the organism shortly after consumption, many negative effects are apparent after several years of taking. This is one of the reasons why many young people do not believe in negative stories about steroids and say: ‘I take them and it’s nothing to me!’ However, just as smoking is a silent killer and a destroyer of the organism, the same thing is with steroids!

Danger of the black market

Although steroids are illegal, it is easy to get them. Usually sellers claim that it’s a checked stock that you will not be ‘nothing at all’. However, more and more resources are being worked out in home work and are saved on better quality ingredients, in order to make it easier to earn money. For example, in Panama, hundreds of people died of taking steroids in which glycerin, which is more expensive, is replaced by another substance, which is considerably cheaper but has toxic properties.

The most popular steroids

In UK, the most popular methane is, and the 100-tablet tablet cost from 20 to 30 euros, which is enough for the first results. Teenagers most often take methane. This age group is the most vulnerable because the impact of steroids on the developing organism is even greater and more fatal, and methane, as the cheapest, is also the most prevalent.