This article will definitely interest people who have gynecomastia or a high risk of getting sick.

I will present my story with gynecomastia and tell why I decided to remove it. I do not remember how old I was, but my experience with gynecomastia began when I was a teenager. It all started when I started to smoke the pot. I think that at that time my bust became more sensitive than usual. At first I did not care, but the situation changed when it took me to take off my shirt. I felt not comfortable and I was embarrassed. I started to put on shirts instead of T-shirts, so my nipples would not be so visible. I even began to slouch down to cover up the shape of my chest. They were not that big, but it bothered me a lot. I avoided the shirts as much as I could, let alone the beach exit. I thought that I had a huge problem, but rather nobody saw it, especially the girl. I’ve never had problems getting girls, I can even say that I was quite popular among them. Then I saw Arnold in the movie and I said WOW! I wanted to look like him. Well, that was it. I started to do bodybuilding. I did not have a problem getting weight. I made progress without knowing exactly how to train and eat. I’ve trained the cage best. I thought that gynecomastia would lose itself in the shape of a large cage … but no!

Years flowed, and I started steroids. After a few years my cage was a miracle of nature, but gynaecomastia still did not give me peace. At this age, I was even more squeamish about it. I said, “Hell, I have to do something about it.” I told my wife about it. Of course, she looked at my cage and said, “As for me, your cage looks pretty good.” It was only when I explained why I had such complexes, that I was convinced that something had to be done about it.

I made an appointment with a very good plastic surgeon to judge it. He said he could remove gynecomastia, but there is always a risk of “sunken nipples”, which did not suit me at all, but I thought, “I prefer those sunken nipples to that damn gynecomastia.” The state could not pay me back the medical expenses, so I had to spend exactly 2,800 dollars. I gave a credit card and arranged for a treatment. I was just afraid that I would not be able to practice my cage for a long period of time. I did not want to lose all that I’ve been working on for so many years. I was also worried because I was just finishing the cycle and was not sure if it would not affect the operation. I did a blood test, but everything was ok.

The procedure was carried out in the surgeon’s office (next to the hospital). I was accepted as a private patient. I remember when I was given a tablet after which I felt very relaxed. When I was lying on the operating table, an anesthesiologist would cheer me up and assure me that I would not feel any pain. He set the camera at 4 and click! I was not. When I woke up I felt a slight headache and some discomfort, but no pain! They put me in a vest, I got Tylenol 3 and went home. I began to feel a slight pain, but it was not bad. I felt pain through the vest, but it was necessary for everything to heal well. After a week I went to the gym and started to train my legs. I did them twice a week because I could not load my upper body. After 3 weeks, I started doing the upper parts of my muscles, but not yet a cage. After 6 weeks I resumed normal training. It is very important not to start training too early, because it can cause “sagging”. Soon the pain and discomfort disappeared. After three months the cage began to look great again. After 4-5 months I was very pleased with the results. WOW! T-shirts, shirts and more shirts! I have all tons of this shit. I thanked God that everything went smoothly. Now I feel really great.


The first thing you need to learn before you seriously think about steroids is how to take them. The tablets are dangerous, and that means … yes – needles.
Most of us who do injections have their stories about this first event.

Just like sex, usually no one will forget their first time. It is the day when you cross the border between the life of an ordinary mortal and enter the land of the gods.

My first shot was just a shot. I did not even sweat. But one of my friends had something to tell. Before he took the injection, he only read a few sentences about steroids. He did not know anyone who would tell him how simple it was, so he was afraid.

He sat on the toilet with a syringe in his hand and then on his forehead. He sat there for an hour. He was too scared to do it. His hands were shaking, but he finally won. He almost fell over with laughter. In no way did it resemble what he imagined. He did not even feel the needle get into the muscle. Few people survive this such a fear, but for sure everyone feels uncomfortable. Every bodybuilder I talked to admitted that he was embarrassed by his fear. Before your first injection, you need to buy a few things. First, needles. You need one to choose substances from vials. The bigger the fluid gets into the syringe. (own interpretation) For this purpose, we propose a 10 gauge (1mm in diameter) needle. I do not advise you to use it for injection. Then you need to have an injection needle. Different parts of the body require different needles (own interpretation) I suggest from 6 (0.6mm) to 8 (0.8mm). The third thing you need is a bottle of spirits and cotton balls. All these things are public. There are three ways to inject the substance – intravenously, subcutaneously and intramuscularly. All steroids should be injected intramuscularly.It is best in the muscle, which is extensive and in place of little innervated.There are three major muscle flu in which you can make injections. The first (my favorite) is a quadriceps muscle. I suggest to all beginners injections in this muscle. I suggest a needle for the quadrilateral muscle (own interpretation) 7 (0.7mm). To find the right place, divide the thigh into three parts, and always insert the needle into the upper right corner of each part. The needle should not be inserted straight from the side and at an angle of 45-65 degrees. During the injection, sit down on the ground with your legs outstretched. Remember to relax. If you have a lot (really MUCH) of thigh meat, I suggest spreading the injections into 4, 2 in each thigh a week. Make sure you do not put the needle in the same place twice! Another good place for injections is the buttocks. It’s a bit harder than thigh injections because you can not see what you’re doing. For injection in the buttocks I suggest needle (own interpretation) 8 (0.8mm). To find the right place, divide your butt into four squares, and inject in the upper-outer corners of those at the top. You will have to stand with your back to the mirror and get a little out of the way. The biggest advantage of injections in the buttocks is that you can inject more fluid. Up to 3ml! Injections in the buttock limit to one per week (ie two in the bottom). The last good place for an injection is the arm. Personally, I do not like injections on the shoulder. Some people love them. For these injections, I propose 6 (0.6mm) needle (own interpretation).

Support the arm up to 1-2ml. Injections in the arms are very easy. Just push the needle into the most muscular place on the triceps. Limit yourself to one injection per week in each arm. Now, step by step, we’ll go through the entire procedure.1. Before taking the substance out of the vial, wipe the eraser with a cotton swab with alcohol around 2 minutes.2. Use a needle to pierce the rubber on the vial / split the cap from the ampoule and take the substance into the syringe3. Pull out the needle and put a cover on it. Now remove the scooping needle and apply it to the injection 4.. Wipe the stinging place with a cotton swab.5. Remove the cover from the needle and head towards the ceiling. Press the plunger and make sure that no air bubbles remain in the syringe. It is best to release a few drops on the needle to oil it.6. Put the whole needle in place of the injection. Slowly, and if you feel a sharp pain, pull back a bit and point in a slightly different direction (attention to veins). 7. If the whole needle is already in the right place, pull back the plunger. You should see the bubbles in the syringe. It means that you are in muscle. If you see blood, pull the needle and point in the other direction. Never inject into a vein! 8. If you are sure that you are in muscle – you can start. If your preparation is oil, then you will need some patience. Steroids dissolved in an aqueous solution are injected much faster. But be careful not to do it too soon, because there may be an encapsulation. I suggest to wait one minute after each 1ml.9. If you have already let the whole substance into the muscle, you can pull out the needle. After removing the needle put a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. You can see a little blood, but do not be nervous – if you only get bubbles in the syringe, you just “walked” through the vein . After injections with an oil solution, it is recommended to massage the injection site for a few minutes, which will allow it to spread over the muscle. Well, that’s it. Always use new syringes and needles and do not share them with anyone! This text should not be treated as a medical advice by anyone. I wrote this only as a curiosity and I am not responsible for any damage.