“What do you think about it?”

At the beginning of December last year, a mechanic friend called me asking for an opinion on the set to support – as he mentioned – building muscle mass. I would add that the friend was a skinny type, he trained with his dumbbells at home, but now he was planning to sign up for the gym. Well, the set included a set of pharmaceuticals in the form of methanabol, testosterone mix and boldenone – a popular anabolic-androgenic steroid. When I replied that these are not supplements – and coke and that its use is associated with a considerable risk of side effects and that I definitely do not recommend such practices in his case, he took it with astonishment, arguing that the set was recommended to him by a friend, which shows that he knows the things he takes, he lives and he does well. It was after a few extra kilos.

The good works

Before the end of December I came to a friend workshop. When I came in, a different friend appeared to my eyes, it seemed larger than usual, it could be seen that the goods were working. After a short conversation about what’s troubling my car, he called one of the employees to whom I handed the keys and started talking about training, diet and coke. My reflections were rather sad, the training was poor, the “bowl” based on low-quality products ordered mainly in nearby pizzerias, and the goods – the truth was working, but it seemed to be the proverbial matchstick in the hands of the child’s unconscious consequences. After giving a few tips on changes in the diet and training plan and scared what will happen after coke withdrawal (unfortunately – to no avail).

Second meeting

When, in mid-January, a guy accosted me in one of the clubs in Poznań, I could not recognize him for a moment, and not necessarily because of the posture. It was a friend from the workshop mentioned earlier. It was not only bigger than I remembered it, but in addition the face was round like a reflector from a marten, and until recently the complexion was filled with red and redish whitish pimples. In total, at first glance, it was seen that steroids in combination with a junk diet had a clear mark on his appearance. As part of a short conversation, I learned how much a colleague now takes on the chest, how much he put on weight and how much is the circumference of his arm, and that he likes a girl sitting in a corner table and – that irritates him some guy banging on the dance floor. Because the topic of conversation was not interesting for me, I nodded with a smile, I glanced at my watch, I said I had to go, I said goodbye and went.

It’s not been two weeks since the last meeting, how a mechanic called me asking me to recommend him a set of supplements after the cycle, to – as he said – “everything has returned to normal”. After a moment of conversation, it turned out that the colleague had recently discarded the product and experienced the negative consequences associated with blocking the HPTA axis, i.e. lowering the androgen production level and related impotence and testicular atrophy. In addition, I learned that during the cycle he experienced other side effects like even many-day headaches, heavy nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting. I suggested contacting a doctor and performing basic tests with particular emphasis on the measurement of pressure, lipid profile, and liver tests, and I consoled that if the time was taken in time and with the head to take over, the effects would be temporary.

A few days ago, passing by my colleague’s workshop, I could see what was going on with him, ask how the results of the research and what the doctor said. When I entered my eyes, I saw the shadow of a man whom I had met only a month before at the bar in the restaurant. In fact, the only thing left with a boy from a steroid adventure is acne scars on a pale reddish face. I guess my surprise was very visible, because the first thing I heard, I know it, I pulled off, did not it? The list of medications taken by a colleague recommended by the doctor was really impressive long, from the funds for the liver, through the drugs for hypertension to preparations to regulate the endocrine system. A friend visited three doctors, spending a fortune on visits and medicines. Oh, he does not train for now, because the doctor has forbidden him, for the next summer he will not have a dream orma.


I know that probably many readers of this article, the message from him will go out in spite of the ears. However, I hope that for some units it will be instructive. Sure, it takes a lot of people, and not everyone has to experience serious consequences resulting from the use of doping. Probably also to a large part of the effects of using steroids described here would not happen if the friend trained and nourished his head, while taking the goods he took care of prevention, and after the cycle he applied the so-called. unblocked to restore the hormonal balance. However, this does not change the fact that steroids are a threat to health, especially for young, inexperienced people who think that if “others” are taking and “living”, then nothing will be there too. MorałUnique practice teaches that committed in life foolishness can effectively heal from the feeling of immortality, and sometimes these teachings are really painful. That’s why I recommend learning instead of on my own – it’s someone else’s mistakes and before thinking about steroids, think about it three times.