What is steroid?

Recent research has shown that teens are becoming more and more steroid users because they want to get to a more developed body figure as quickly as possible, and also the very often buy steroids online. But, apart from being illegal, many more dangers arise from steroids. So, to buy steroids and be safe – […]

Are steroids safe?

The doctor recommended my son’s drug steroid. How do these types of measures work and can it really be safely administered to young children? Please do not be afraid. Steroids are the basis for the treatment of many different diseases. In allergic diseases they are a very important element of therapy. Due to their multidirectional […]


“What do you think about it?” At the beginning of December last year, a mechanic friend called me asking for an opinion on the set to support – as he mentioned – building muscle mass. I would add that the friend was a skinny type, he trained with his dumbbells at home, but now he […]