Are steroids safe?

The doctor recommended my son’s drug steroid. How do these types of measures work and can it really be safely administered to young children?

Please do not be afraid. Steroids are the basis for the treatment of many different diseases.

In allergic diseases they are a very important element of therapy. Due to their multidirectional anti-inflammatory effect, they alleviate allergy symptoms and improve the general condition of the patient.

Due to their high effectiveness, they are extremely often used in chronic diseases, eg bronchial asthma, rhinitis, nuisance skin changes, as well as in emergency situations, e.g. anaphylactic shock.

They are usually administered locally: to the nose, conjunctiva, to the skin and inhalation to the bronchi. They are used less often in the form of tablets or injections, because then they cause certain side effects, eg excessive weight gain.

Indeed, high oral doses (especially if used for a long time) can cause adverse side effects in children.

In contrast, topical steroid drugs, administered strictly according to medical guidelines, are completely safe.

However, it should be emphasized that also in this form you have to use the so-called the minimum effective dose for a given condition and a specific child.

Therefore, a small patient receiving chronically steroids should be under the constant supervision of a specialist who will supervise the course of treatment.