10 myths about steroids

Alpha males are strong, enduring and great. Which guy does not want to be an alpha male? It would be best if it could be achieved quickly and without much effort. The simplest solution is according to some taking steroids. Well, this is not entirely true, it is also illegal to take them without a medical recommendation.

# 1. Steroids are a quick solution

Any athlete using steroids will tell you that to take advantage of steroids, you should intensify your training and follow a strict diet while taking them. Steroids are not magic tablets that will sculpt and strengthen your body by themselves. To work, you need to help them with individually selected training, a healthy lifestyle, sleeping 8 hours a day and renouncing delicious, unhealthy food.

# 2. Steroids lower endurance

On the contrary, when used, the strength increases because they stimulate the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen, which means that they deliver more oxygen to the working muscles and facilitate the drainage of exercise metabolites. Taking erythropoietin or blood transfusions to increase the number of red blood cells is dangerous and illegal (treated as doping), but giving similar effect to height training a few weeks before the competition is legal.

# 3. Women look like guys

Yes, women also take steroids – athletes, bodybuilders or ordinary gym practitioners. But like men, women can choose the right steroids from those helping in sculpting muscles to help increase their stamina, and avoid those on which they look like robots. Women on drugs suffer more from side effects – hair in unwanted places, lowering the voice or enlarging the clitoris. However, after the end of the use cycle, everything is slowly returning to normal.

# 4. Liver damage

Those who use steroids will advise beginners injections instead of tablets. In this way, the liver will not be burdened and will not destroy it. First of all, not all steroids used orally ruin the liver, and secondly, people destroy it even more in a different way. Hundreds of people kill their liver by abusing legal alcohol or by using handfuls of medicines prescribed for them by a doctor. And somehow no one is grieving over the poor livers dying of drunkenness, but everyone breaks their hands over the deadly steroids.

# 5. Descending penis

Do not be afraid, gentlemen, your penises will not decrease. But they can decrease the testicles. When taking steroids it is very common, but fortunately (usually) reversible. At the end of the cycle the nuclei will return to the previous size. So if you like, dear gentlemen, hide from your partners the fact that you’re going to be anabolics, put on her blindfolds during sex and use handcuffs so that she sometimes does not notice and does not sense changes.

#6. Depression

Media warn against this side effect, according to the press, anyone who takes steroids suffers from depression. Of course, there are people whose depression is getting worse, but these are usually people who have a tendency to melancholy before taking it. In most cases, elevated levels of testosterone improve mood and lower stress.

#7. Stunted growth

It is believed that taking anabolics at an early age inhibits growth. There are no studies that would confirm this unambiguously. Have a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admits that he used steroids when he was a teenager to see that it did not impede his rise. Of course, steroids work differently on different people and should never be taken without a doctor’s constant supervision, but it can not be generalized that every teenager taking steroids will be a kurduplem.

# 8. Prostate cancer

Studies show that genetic predisposition is the most important risk factor in prostate cancer compared to other human cancers. Genes associated with the risk of prostate cancer account for approximately 30% -40% of the incidence of this cancer at an early age. It has also been proven that men with higher testosterone levels are not more likely to develop prostate cancer than those with lower testosterone levels.

# 9. Alopecia

Baldness is also a matter of genetics. Some people think that taking steroids may speed up the process, but it is not the cause. Those who are afraid of baldness usually use special shampoos and supplements to prevent hair loss. Athletes around the age of 20 years should definitely not use steroids because their body produces more testosterone than ever before and no additional support is needed.

# 10. Aggression

Studies showing the relationship between taking steroids and increased aggression were carried out only on rats. In their case, the level of aggression actually increased incredibly. But man is not a rat. People who are naturally aggressive after taking steroids will certainly behave even more aggressively. Somehow you can not see the increased aggression in athletes, which steroids prescribe and dose the doctors.